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"Mezhar the War Banner

From a distance enemy troops could see it aproach slowly,
four arms unfolding like wings,
sharp claws that can claw through rock,
striking fear and despair into the hearts of men at sight, Mezhar was considered the face of war."

He was maybe the most loyal of atronachs, obeying only the orders of the current King.
But the King was one of corruption, as he secretly ordered him to butcher a neutral village standing in the way of the gold caverns the King so much craved for.
And as night fell, Mezhar began his slaughtering as he was ordered to.
The screams of women and children woke up the city and before the soldiers could reach him the screams had already died out.
Mezhar stood there with blood splattered all over his hands visible in the moonlight, standing proudly as he only did what was asked of him.
But he was alone.
Sent deep into the crypts beneath the city, he lurks to this day on in the great halls of the dead with the smell of dried blood covering the cold walls.