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"A tower, a home, a being.
Fine craft and architecture, but a walking soul nonetheless

A last resort in times of war for the King and Queen, Domurris the Tower had been the most loyal of Atronachs.
But the safety of the Royals was crucial, and as the battles started to show its costs on Domurris, he was deemed useless.
As an act of kindness the King gave him the choice to decide the place of his banishment.
Domurris pointed towards the giant mountain on the horizon, and then pointed down.
It was where he belonged, he said. It was his home awaiting him.
Everyone knew what lay deep inside that specific mountain.
It was the Old Kingdom of Nar where the older and long gone kings of thousands of years ago once resided.

Nothing of value was to be found there that hadn't been plundered yet. Nothing but old structures and ruins of an once existing city.
Nothing but useless rock"