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Mortal Coil Concept Art

The last month I've been working almost exclusively on making concepts for a script of a client. It's been a blast and I'm happy to finally show it here.

In a nutshell its a story about automatons living in a mansion. After their creator, 'Father', dies in a horrible accident they start to panic. Unfortunately Father never told them how to recharge their own power coils, so they have to figure out a way to stay alive while slowly winding down to their inevitable 'death'

Kerim akyuz toy2mask


Kerim akyuz librarian2


Kerim akyuz butler9


Kerim akyuz librarystory

Library Scene

Kerim akyuz father2


Kerim akyuz mother3


Kerim akyuz father slaboratory2

Father's Laboratory

Kerim akyuz toy schrivener2

Toy's Schrivener

Kerim akyuz spider

Mother's Spiders